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Congress for Spiritual Healing 11.- 13.10.2019 in Rotenburg an der Fulda

Gisela Krambeer is internationally known for her bell-bright voice which touches people deep inside and dissolves blockades. This can be done through her singing, spoken words or empathetic meditations. Gisela Krambeer got into a wheelchair in 1989 due to a malpractice. Today she can dance again. In search of healing she discovered her own abilities as a healer. With her life story she has already given hope to many people and awakened in them the understanding that everything in life has a meaning....

Vortrag V 3: „Von Engelsschwingen getragen – Musik für Geborgenheit.“ (Freitag 11.10., 14:30 Uhr)

Voices of the Heart, An Evening with Michael Stillwater

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Gisela Krambeer
Thomastr. 23
69257 Wiesenbach

Tel.: 06223 73735

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The musician, singer-songwriter and award-winning filmmaker Michael Stillwater travels the world with his songs across religions and cultures to touch people in their hearts.

In the first part of this evening spiritual songs will be sung together, which awaken and strengthen joy of life, trust and creativity. In the second part you will have the opportunity to receive a personal song that relates to a theme of your life or your life goal. This song can work like medicine in your everyday life for a long time. Michael will create the song from the moment, sing it for you and record it. Afterwards all participants will receive the songs and lyrics.

That evening let yourself be connected to the source of life and immerse yourself in it.

Thursday, 24.10.2019 19 - 22 o'clock