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360° Holistic Coaching

Every human being is like a diamond -
one of a kind and with many facets

When you reach a point in your life when you can’t move forward without help and you want...

  • mental and emotional clarity in your affairs,
  • to finally take YOUR place in business or private life,
  • someone competent and reliable on your side,
  • someone to find the cause of your problem in an expert manner,
  • an expert with empathy and insight, capable of finding the causes of your problems,
  • someone who has no reservations about walking a new empowering path with you and help you manage your fears
  • someone who can help you find the strength, clarity and courage to make necessary life changes,
  • someone who takes your entire environment and needs into account,
  • an authentic role model who will guide you toward a better, more independent and successful life
  • that will help you to regain more quality of life, independence and success,

 ...then the time has come to contact me.

What you may expect from me

  • Decades of experience in holistic coaching for individuals and companies
  • supervision, Coach the Coach, Train the Trainer
  • Over 20 years of experience with complementary healing methods in own practice
  • National and international lectures and seminars
  • step by step clarity
  • a vast array of methods and skills
  • Targeted clarity
  • personal and online coaching
  • Comprehensive training in a wide range of methods
  • Consultations in German and English, also by telephone or online
  • Diverse range of medical practices

Holistic Coaching

A complete 360° Coaching

The life of each person is unique and I like to compare the person with a diamond. Many people don't realize how multifaceted they are. Only a few have really discovered them and made them shine. The more we live our different potentials, the more fulfilled and balanced our life is. Holistic coaching is virtually a 360° coaching. It is indispensable to include the whole person and his or her environment.

Experience has shown me that most people don’t really know their exact position, and only vaguely perceive new goals available to them. Nevertheless, they have a strong longing to change, especially when their backs are up against a wall. Have you also had the feeling: “I can’t go on like this!” 

Holistic Coaching isn’t about becoming bigger, faster, more, and still more, but about the best way to bring balance into your life. Only then can we profit from the fullness of our being, instead of staying stuck in life’s rat race. Only then can we avoid burnout, can we find our way beyond life’s traps and pitfalls, which so often cause us to lose contact with who we really are, and to those around us.

One of the dark sides of our digitalized world is the increasing isolation, the atrophy of our communication skills when it comes to a conversation with a real counterpart. We have forgotten how to send honest and direct messages about ourselves. Unfortunately, not only in the social networks, appearances are increasingly in the foreground. For more than 20 years I have been accompanying people of all ages and professions on their way to a fulfilled life and work with great commitment, empathy and competence. I accompany them through all ups and downs, through all upcoming challenges, no matter in which situation in life.

In the business area I advise companies on personnel issues, communication problems and change processes. My expanded perception enables me to get to the hidden causes of problems, to reveal connections or repetitive patterns that are not apparent at first glance, which have often led to lasting physical or mental impairments.

In the business domain, I counsel in the areas of hiring new employees, changes to the business process, and communication problems between employees and departments. By focusing on expanding my perception I am able to find the causes of hidden problems, recognize communication problems not obvious at first glance, and detect repeated patterns that often diminish mental and physical health. If you want to make positive changes and are ready to take the first step, I offer my profound services, will help and support you to achieve some very rewarding goals. I look forward to speaking with you and the opportunity of working with you. Please call or send me an email by using the contact form.

I would be pleased to help you

I'm looking forward meeting you.
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360° Holistic Coaching
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