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Womb Twin Survivor

Do you know deep inner loneliness—although when seen from the outside, you are not alone at all? Have you ever felt an unexplainable sadness, felt you are always searching for something, that somehow you are not in the right place and are misunderstood? Are you highly sensitive, have a tendency to overwork, and problems with your partner or family members? Do patterns of loss show up again and again in your life, a life which isn’t unfolding as you had wished and planned? Did you have the experience that your therapies did not work the way you hoped?

 These types of uncomfortable feelings could indicate that you were not alone in the womb while your mother was pregnant—though you were the only baby born. 10—20% of all pregnancies are multiple pregnancies. Often, tiny little embryos vanish during their first weeks of life, some live much longer before they perish. In every case, it is traumatic for the surviving embryo, who feels the loss of this heart nearness, of this first intimacy, through unfiltered senses. Submerged and sheltered in the same womb is probably as close as a human being can be with someone else. At first an embryo hears a heartbeat that isn’t its mother’s, that of its twin. A cuddling sensation arises, gentle hugging. And then it disappears! This cruel loss is recorded in one’s cells, becomes a memory that influences life forever after. We long for the return of this feeling of deepest, closest intimacy, often feeling disappointed over and over again that we don’t find it in our relationships.

Eventually many people discover, and unfortunately some people never discover that they weren’t alone in the womb, and that like most forms of human trauma, it is possible through loving and gentle therapy to process this experience in such a way that you finally feel free to live the life YOU want to live. This recognition is the Key to YOUR Life.

Accompanying people along this path to recognition is something dear to my heart. After many, many years of deep longing I learned that I had two siblings that didn’t survive in the womb with me. I also know how unpredictable and winding the path to learning you weren’t alone in the womb can be, to how healing finding out is.

Although the Lost Twin Syndrome has long been discovered in German research, already a part of child development programs, it lags behind in English-speaking literature.

In German the terms “Single born Twin” and “Lost Twin Syndrome” are common. In English, the terms “Vanishing Twin” and “Womb Twin Survivor” are becoming more and more familiar.

If you want to learn more about this subject, here a few books I highly recommend:

“The Drama in the Womb, The Lost Twin”, by German pioneers of this theme, Alfons and Bettina Austermann from Berlin.

“A Healing Path for Womb Twin Survivors”, and “Womb Twin Survivors: The Lost Twin in the Dream of the Womb”, by Althea Hayton; a compassionate writer who utilized solid comprehensive research and real-life stories by womb twin survivors.

Althea Hayton: A Healing Path for Womb Twin Survivors

Althea Hayton: Womb Twin Survivors: The Lost Twin in the Dream of the Womb

“Alleingeborener Zwilling – Hochsensibilität in neuem Licht, by Dr. Michelle Haintz; written in a light, flowing style. A wonderful introductory book.

The Austrian psychotherapist Yvonne Rauch has written an interesting article about the Lost Twin. Thank you very much for letting me share this link with her:



Music for Womb Twin Survivors:

Carried by the Wings of Angels - Music for deep emotional comfort

My great skill is attentive empathy: feeling what someone is feeling and putting my attention on that. Clients never feel alone, even when reaching down into their earliest and deepest traumas. I use music to facilitate feelings of warmth and security, especially my voice. Rather than words or lyrics, I use gentle tones to soothe one’s heart, allowing one’s mind to more easily look at deep feelings. My CD “Carried by the Wings of Angels” was created for this express purpose.