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Recommendations by #1 New York Times Bestselling Authors

Geoff Affleck, Janet Attwood, Gisela Krambeer, Marci Shimoff, Chris Attwood

Gisela´s phenomenal healing energy leaks through each note she sings or word she speaks. I witnessed how she immediately touched the hearts of her audience through her loving presence and radiant energy field. She has a warm, beautiful voice, clear, soothing and loving. You can experience all that healing energy yourself by listening and singing her unique Ho´opoponopono Song, and practicing the Healing Meditation. What an easy and powerful method to healing Body, Mind and Soul.

Geoff Affleck

Bestselling Co-Autor of Enlightened Bestsellers: 7 Keys to Creating a Successful Self-Help Book and Breakthrough! Inspirational Strategies for an Audaciously Authentic Life

Gisela´s Ho´oponopono Song and Healing Meditation are one of a kind. The beauty of the song along with the love in her voice bring deep inner peace and healing on all levels. What a joy to experience healing by the practice of forgiveness.

Marci Shimoff

Professional Speaker
#1 NY Times Bestselling Author
Happy for No Reason, Love For No Reason, Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

Gisela´s Ho´oponopono Song and Meditation are uniquely powerful, combined with her celestial voice and music they are a true gift. You will love what she has created and it will help heal anything in your life that is in need of it.

Chris Attwood

Co-Author of the NY Times bestseller,
The Passion Test – The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose

Gisela’s Ho’oponopono Song and Meditation are a blessing to our fast paced, often hectic world. As I listened to her celestial voice and music, I was transported to a place within myself of great peace and centeredness. The joy I felt listening to Gisela’s healing music stayed with me throughout my day.

Janet Bray Attwood

New York Times Bestselling Author, The Passion Test

Dear Mrs. Krambeer, Thank you. You transform lives! Warm greetings,

Torsten Will

Success Coach, International Speaker

Gisela is a messenger of light. She and her music are a gift to the world.

Kim Harmon

Inspirational Speaker & Author


What a surprise to hear someone sing live at Dr. Bruce Lipton´s seminar on epigenetics. Thank you for this beautiful song. Your voice made us feel great. This is applied cell biology in “real life”, super! Peter and Susanne

When I was listening to your Ho´oponopono Song on the radio, it immediately touched me so deeply, I knew that I had to meet you personally in Massachusetts, to thank you for this self-healing song. It changed my life for the better. Molly

Thank you for coming all the way from Germany to the US and for sharing your precious teachings and singing with us. My family and I were moved to tears. God bless you. Lovejoy Mason, Boston

Gisela, you sang for us at Janet Bray Attwood´s “The Passion Test” seminar in London. You touched our hearts. What a wonderful passion you have. Healing by singing. Go on sharing your unique gift with the world. Maggie and Charlene

Thank you so much for your wonderful performance at the “Happy to Success” seminar in Mannheim Rosengarten. Your heart touching Ho’oponopono Song was the emotional highlight for many people at this event.

You succeeded in capturing the magic of the Hawaiian Pacific islands in your song and literally moved the audience to tears. These are rare and precious moments and this we solely owe to you! Thank you so much, dear Gisela! Ralf

Dear Mrs. Krambeer, I am so grateful for having met you. Your voice has touched me deeply. When I heard you sing, my heart opened and there was a wonderful feeling of happiness. A beautiful, clear, pleasant, soothing, and expressive voice like yours is balm for one´s soul and gives a lot of energy. That same evening I returned from the seminar, I bought your Ho´oponopono Song, listened to it over and over again until it became an earworm. I love this song because it is so simple and yet effective. Your voice and music touched my heart. I can only say: just wonderful! Thank you so much and kind regards. Monika Wingen

“… First I laughed, then I smiled, and then I cried! This you can only understand if you are aware of the power behind it! Thank you so much for this brief and highly effective forgiveness method, dear Gisela! Once again it revealed to me being intolerant and ignorant … ” Frank

Thank you for your fabulous presentation that weekend. It not only touched my heart but also motivated and inspired me. Sunny greetings, Thomas

Many heartfelt thanks for the great event with you at the Rose Garden Congress Center. It was unique, what you gave to me. Unfortunately, I could not stay longer on Saturday afternoon to enjoy Jack Canfield. But with your song in my heart I drove to Stuttgart where I had a meeting with a pretty difficult CEO. I was a little afraid of this encounter. Guess what had happened: During the meeting he laughed openly and warmly for the first time in 5 years, and it was your song that had accompanied me through the meeting.

On Sunday I was back full of love and gratitude with you in the Rose Garden. Your song made my family feel great as well! Kindest regards, and hopefully I can listen to your voice again soon! Johanna

Thank you for opening Michael Stillwater´s “Voices of the Heart” concert with your soothing voice and song. All of a sudden I didn´t feel alone anymore. There was this deep warm feeling inside of being loved…. I´m so grateful for your CD “Carried by the wings of Angels”. Now I can experience this deep inner comfort over and over again. Theresa

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your most inspiring performance. My wife and I were tremendously moved by your personal story. We were deeply, deeply touched by the Ho´oponopono ritual as well. Thank you very much again. Frank

WOW! You’ve given me so much! Thank you. Ho’oponopono, has been the key for me! Very warm greetings, Ellen.

Thank you so much for your performance at the “Happy to Success” seminar in Mannheim. My wife Brigitte and I were deeply impressed by your performances. Especially your Ho’oponopono song touched us VERY deeply. Thank you, dear Gisela. I wish you the very best, success and good health. Christian

I love your authentic teachings. You are so radiant and shining. What a great role model you are. Hopefully we can meet at the convention next year again. Werner

I love your authentic teachings. You are so radiant and shining. What a great role model you are. Hopefully we can meet at the convention next year again. Werner

We met at Joel Robert´s event in Rome. Thank you for being there. You are so radiant and powerful. Being there with you felt so good. When you start playing your guitar and singing, something magical happens. Thanks again, Amy

Thank you for your positive energy and charisma during these three days and for the beautiful songs! Frank

Again my gratitude for the wonderful lecture in Mannheim. I love this method so much, it is heart touching. Kind regards, Angelika

Every day we sing Ho´oponopono. Thank you. Sven

Meeting you and attending your seminar made me very happy. Your presentations moved and touched me very much and also gave me a lot of courage. Thank you again. Monika

Amazing, your unique contribution at the Convention for Spiritual Healing in Rotenburg, Germany. It was inspiring, heart refreshing – just GREAT! Your enthusiasm was thrilling. Margit

Listening to your warm and soothing voice here in the monastery in Assisi, Italy, at Michael Stillwater´s retreat was the key to healing for me. What a heavenly gift you have. Go on sharing it with the world. Maria