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Interview with Gisela Krambeer

on the occasion of the congress "Happy to success" at the Rosengarten Congress Centre, Mannheim

“Please tell me about what you do.”

I work as a holistic coach. This means being versatile, shining through versatility, helping clients - private or business - achieve goals that harmonize their work, health, relationships, finances, and greater life’s environment.

Real success means your ‘whole’ life is balanced. Helping clients balance the parts of their lives that are weak or broken, often causing depression or burnout, is fulfilling and joyful work. When your ‘whole’ life is balanced, you shine like a diamond.

“What is the secret of your success?”

Seeing each individual as a unique and fascinating person, and being attentive to their particular needs and wants. There are no standard formulas with people, other than starting with genuine care and respect. Holistic coaching is done ‘together’. I’m not the kind of coach or teacher who stands on top of a mountain shouting, “Come up, it’s great air up here!” Helping and guiding clients means being right there where they are, wide awake and attentive, ready to support. This is how we discover the so called ‘hidden causes’ of the problems, by spending time together in sensitive honest examination.

How did you learn to do this?

Well, the business side was from my parents, who were very successful business professionals on the other side I had the privilege of studying with many great masters and teachers.

Whenever I faced great challenges, I never asked “why me?” I always asked the questions: “What shall I learn from this, what´s the benefit in it and how can I achieve my goals?”

You mustn’t be too focused and invested in a single solution. Very often life requests that you have a plan B and C, and maybe D, E and F also.” My favorite saying is: “When you are tossed into a river, there´s no time for lamenting, you either swim or drown.” I always decided to swim even though I sometimes swallowed a lot of water.

What is Holistic Coaching?

Holistic coaching is a 360 degree coaching. It involves all areas of life. I don't just look at an isolated goal of a client, but I pay attention that the achievement of this goal is in harmony with his well-being, the partnership, the profession, the environment, the finances etc..

What is the use of great success if health is left behind, family or partnership is broken and burnout or depression are the consequences? I am convinced that difficult experiences streng then you in the long run, help you discover who you really are.

Can you tell us about a specific challenge?

Yes, of course. There was an accident during child birth and I nearly lost my life. I spent some time in a wheel chair and later on I could walk some steps bent in an angle of 90 degrees. The doctors had a long list of proclamations starting with, “You’ll never be able to . . .” And over and over I was told that traditional medicine couldn´t help me any further…. Today I can dance again.

I’m grateful I had this traumatic experience. It led to much learning about integrating traditional and alternative methods of healing, a full recovery, a stronger sense of self, and traveling the world looking for and learning helpful alternative healing methods. And of course, this growth process allowed me to help many other people. This is why I opened my own practice for complementary healing methods and holistic coaching.

I am convinced that difficult experiences strengthen you in the long run, help you discover who you really are.

How did it come about that you started to use your voice as a healing instrument?

Back in 2008 I participated in Jack Canfield’s Break Through to Success seminar. We started off with a life purpose meditation, followed by Jack picking up his guitar and playing the song Hallelujah, 450 people in the room singing along. Spontaneously, I sang a high second voice, though I had not sung for many years. Many participants were moved to tears, afterwards looking for the woman who had sung. They surrounded me and told me it felt like an angel had sung and touched their hearts. Pretty high praise, but in such settings people are more open, so I didn’t let it go to my head. But later I received multiple emails saying: “Gisela, sing to the world!” That led me to learning about the power of one’s voice, of tones that calm and harmonize your body’s cells. Meanwhile I get wonderful feedback from people who love listening to my voice.

How does it work?

Everything vibrates, has its own unique and significant frequency. In a general sense, so do wellness and illness. You can overwrite a negative frequency pattern with a positive one. The Old Hebrews believed that the larynx, where the vocal cords are, was the location of the soul. Their word for ‘emotion’ means ‘breath of life’ or ‘holy ghost’. Thus, emotion, the breath of life, the holy ghost, flows through the larynx, through the soul, where it is transformed into sound. I love this metaphor. It indicates the power of words.

Do you perform and when so, where?

At the moment I don´t do traditional concerts any longer. Nowadays I focus on my CD productions and people´s invitations to their events.

I sing at conventions like this worldwide. My goal isn’t just to sing, but to sing with people, meaning to sing tones that cause our hearts to resonate together.

I’ve sung for audiences throughout Europe and the USA and I feel very honored to sing here at the “Happy to Success” seminar in Mannheim, Germany.

You are on stage together with the most well known coaches from 3 continents. What will you teach?

First I´ll talk about the brain and what it takes to make us feel happy. Later we will, together, be experiencing how to enhance positive affirmations with music and emotion.

Lyrics and affirmations come alive, unfold their power through moving tones, positive emotions and melodies. This improves our brain capacity, our well-being and helps our cells reprogram positively.

Can you say more about that?

Every cell is like a little consciousness with its own data bank, and music is the data processor. It is possible to realign the crystal lattice inside cell molecules. The actual structure of negative memories, of pain and stress, can be sound jiggled back into its vital fluid condition.

The next day I present an ancient Hawaiian forgiveness and healing method called “Ho’ oponopono”. I wrote a simple Ho’ oponopono song, only four lines, and use it as a kind of song meditation for forgiveness and healing, that deletes negative cell memories. I´m very happy and grateful that this song already went around the world and supported many people practicing forgiveness and self healing.

Ho´oponopono actually means “correcting an error, bringing things back into balance. So, it doesn’t matter what is causing you pain or stress - business, family, school, politics, whatever, the more you practice it, the more you and the people involved, feel healed.

Ho’oponopono is so powerful it was once used as a healing method in the high-security wing of a criminal hospital with tremendous success.

Dr. Hew Len, who did the Ho´oponopono and from whom I learned this method, still teaches Ho’oponopono throughout the world.

I’m looking forward to presenting people the possibility of improving their health and lives, of achieving their goals more easily and joyfully.

Thank you very much, Gisela. I look forward to seeing you at the event.

Thank you, Bruno.

Bruno Benz