Gisela Krambeer

Guiding and teaching people came natural to me, was obviously part of my life’s path. At thirteen years old I was already leading my first youth group, at sixteen teaching lessons. My lifelong goal has been to use all of my skills and natural abilities, to support people, no matter what age or profession.

Due to a medical maltreatment I was put in a wheelchair for a while. I could only walk a few steps in an angle of 90°, became unable to perform my school teaching job, because I was advised not to sit or stand. The doctors told me they couldn’t help me any further. 

Alone, I sought out a healing path, knowing what it was like to have to begin over and over again, to feel let down or abandoned. The world wasn’t all open roads to my goal, but also dead-ends and one-way streets.

Gisela Krambeer

Nevertheless, I never lost sight of my goal. I’m absolutely convinced that everything in life has a purpose and that we can learn from everything that happens in our lives. 

My greatest handicap became my greatest gift. I went through the school of life and embodied its lessons.

I exchanged the wheelchair for the stage of life, learned many new complementary healing therapies, and a couple of years later opened a complementary holistic healing and coaching practice.

Along my journey through the world, I met and learned from many great and interesting people, some of whom I stood side by side on stage with. Jack Canfield, America’s # 1 success coach, played a key role. 

No path we travel is for nothing. In the end, each is another piece of the puzzle, part of the whole. I’m grateful for all that I’ve been through and learned, all of which makes me more helpful to my clients. My high sensitivity, developed and expanded during my journey, has become a blessing for this kind of work. 

Holistic Coaching is a comprehensive, all embracing 3600 coaching, in which you are never left alone. 

Help for people in every situation, private or professional circumstances. In the end we are all humans, all want to be happy, respected, successful, healthy and feel good, in private and on the job.

“Can’t do it, it’s impossible” – there is no such thing. There is always a way, it might not look like we imagine it at first glance. 

Thank you for taking a moment to read this. 

I found my life’s work in supporting you with the aid of my multifaceted gifts and skills.

Today I can dance again—would you like to dance with me?

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