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Dear visitors of Ho'oponopono Song

on this page I publish feedback from people who have experimented or researched with the CD and my voice. These investigations were neither commissioned nor paid for by me, but were freely forwarded to me. At this point I would like to thank all those who took the trouble to spend time giving other people insight into their experiences or helping them with their insights.

I am still looking forward to any feedback, experience or experiences related to this CD.

I want to encourage you to hold it as Buddha says:

"Do not believe in hearsay and holy traditions, not assumptions or rooted beliefs, nor the words of a worshipped Master, but what you yourselves have thoroughly examined and recognized as serving yourselves and others for the good, accept that."
- Buddha

Expert opinion on the energetic effect of the CD Ho'oponopono Song & Meditation by Mrs. Gisela Krambeer using the BBT method

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If you have any questions about the test method, please contact Volker Groß (info@grovo.de).

For legal reasons once again the note:
The healing music and healing meditation presented here serve to activate the self-healing powers and do not replace the consultation of a doctor or alternative practitioner for health problems. It is your responsibility to seek appropriate medical treatment in the event of health problems. Ongoing treatment should not be interrupted or discontinued, nor should any necessary future treatment be postponed or omitted altogether. The composer and the publisher reject any responsibility for direct or indirect consequences of the use of meditation and music.

In the shop you find the CDs in different languages, MP3 downloads, audio samples of single tracks and Morrnah Simeona´s Ho´oponopono Repentance Prayer. The Ho´oponopono Song is available in English, German, Italian, French and as instrumental version.